Christmas Swag

Available on iTunes Lyrics: Hook: Cash and Clothes, wrapped in bows I got all of those. Christmas Gifts and Perky Lips Under Mistletoes. Cookies and Milk, Snow and Balls Santas got a really big bag Everybody best be looking at me cus i got Christmas Swag. Verse 1: Rainbow colored lights on the house, I GOT THAT Heart full of happiness and Cheer, I GOT THAT Candy Canes, Chocolate Rain, Unicorns and Silly games Trains and Planes, Champagne to the Brain, Every little thing I got it, NOPE I’m Poppin’ bottles of eggnog, SWAG Singing Christmas Carols with my dad, SWAG I’m the best, BRAG Happy Tail, WAG Buffering and Lo… LAG Hook Verse 2: I got a tummy ache from eating all them cookies But guess what! WHAT? I GOT MORE COOKIES! On a plate, by the tree, Santas gonna be hungry But if hes ever late, I’m gonna EAT HIS COOKIES I decorate my House, I decorate the tree I decorate my Homies, I decorate STEVE I decorate my Car, I decorate this chair I decorate the trash, I decorate Decorations Hook Be sure to check out Dtrix’s version as well! Also Special thanks to: Justin Safaei (Cinematographer/Editing) UpRock Audio (Music Producer) TinoxBeatz (Original Beat Concept) Morris (Last guy you see) Chester See (sad dude) Chazz Williams
Video Rating: 4 / 5